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Assisted Survey Service

Drilline Solutions now offers a unique ‘Assisted Surveys’ service for the GPR element of your project. We know that not all our customers want to invest in new GPR systems with increased investment in equipment and up-skilling survey operators, so we can now take away those problems.

Our Assisted Surveys department will support you to acquire the data on-site and then if required post-process the data in an agreed deliverable format for you to add any data that you require and then to present it to your end client.

Because we have many years’ experience of selling, supporting and training with our own GPR equipment and systems we can fast track your project by acquiring the GPR data element by using the equipment in the best way possible to deliver a service that you can trust and rely on.

You can rest assured that you always own the data. We are only assisting you to achieve a professional GPR survey with advanced up to date equipment without the investment. Our sole aim is to support you, our customer, to tender for work that you did not feel you had the resources to achieve. We can also upon request write detailed reports of the surveys that we carry out.

We have a variety of GPR specialist systems available for the following applications:

Utility Mapping with Mobile Mass Array Systems

We have supported our customers for many years with utility mapping projects, and as a result we can use this experience to support you. Our Ground Penetrating Radar equipment starts at entry level, so,if you have a small project, we can assist you with the IDS Opera DUO. Moving onto larger mass array systems, we have IDS Stream-C. Where there is a need for support on a significant large scale, time critical project we can use GPR systems such as the Stream EM and the Stream Up. Which enables projects requiring the acquisition of huge data sets to be delivered in a fast and efficient way.

Concrete/Structural Surveys

Because GPR is a non-destructive technology, it is perfect for condition assessment and inspection of concrete structures. It can be deployed to locate rebar, post-tension cables and anchors as well as determine depth and spacings. It is also useful to find clear space before trenching, cutting, or coring. Concrete and structural surveys are considered a specialist service and requires investment and experience within that sector.

By using our unique service and expertise we can assist you to achieve a professional and high-quality deliverable to your client and using latest equipment technology available.

Asphalt & Runway Assessment Surveys

There are many reasons why you might need to investigate the subsurface of a road or airport runway - from determining ballast layer thickness, to looking for the signs of ground deterioration and sinkhole. With a specialist GPR survey we can present the data information so you can give informed results to your client in a readable format.

Asphalt and Runway Assessment Surveys are very specialist, especially when it comes to interpreting thedata collected. Our expert survey team have many years’ experience working in a variety of situations all over the world and can use this knowledge to assist you with your project.

Bridge Deck Investigation

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) has become an effective means for assessing deterioration in concrete bridge decks. While success has been demonstrated, the method is still not adopted widely. Which is why we are offering our Assisted Services. You can use our expertise, experience, equipment and staff to carry out in depth surveys without having to delay the project and incur hefty costs and fines. We work with global manufacturers IDS GeoRadar who are constantly developing high speed GPR mapping systems which are more affordable, widely available and easier to deploy. As an authorised partner and reseller, we are here to support you, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Assisted Services – What’s Included:
  • Consultation to select the correct system
  • GPR system and associated equipment
  • Trained technician for the duration of the assistance period
  • We make sure the data is collected in the correct way
  • You own the data
  • We can assist with processing the data as an additional service
  • The deliverable to your client is always yours