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Data Processing

Ground Penetrating Radar Data Post-Processing Service

With our Ground Penetrating Radar Assisted Survey Service, we offer in-house data post-processing. However, if you and your team have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to process the data, then that option is also available.

Collectively, our team have many years’ experience working all over the world processing client data in many different ground conditions and unusual environments. We have an extensive library of examples and scenarios which give us a unique edge. We have a dedicated team who have worked with the specific IDS developed software, and as a result can process data quickly and efficiently. This is why if you are time poor, the benefits of using our experienced data processing technicians, could give you back the time you need, whilst releasing your survey operators to fulfil other tasks and in short, potentially be more productive.

Outsourced GPR Data Processing

You can also use this service if you have collected the on-site data yourself, again making you more productive by freeing up your operators to collect even more data.