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Latest News

Latest News

COVID-19 Business Update

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As the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerates, we have all made some difficult decisions. On Monday Evening, as soon as the Prime Minister urged us all to ‘stay at home’, we immediately withdrew from all current projects. Our technicians were sent home and all fieldwork ceased.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) commitments


At Drilline, we agreed to complete several projects and on-site commitments over the forthcoming months.  However, we have decided to suspend all projects until further notice.


We understand that there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the Construction Industry’s working guidelines, however we have a duty of care towards our staff and their families. Their health and safety is paramount.


Working from home – processing your data.


As mentioned on Monday, we have set up new remote and homeworking stations as we continue to process the data gathered over the last few projects.


Our management, sales and data processing staff are all available to answer any questions you many have regarding equipment, sales and support, as well as future projects and quotations.


We are fully aware that the situation is changing daily. We will continue to monitor and follow the government directives. We are taking this time to review and develop our GPR service offering and we look forward to delivering these as soon as it is safe for all to do so.


We hope to see you all soon.  Please stay safe and we are certain we will be working with you again soon.

If you have any questions or you wish to discuss committed projects please contact us

Call:+44 (0)1953 600 600


Visit our website and leave us a message:


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The New Stream-C Compact Array GPR

Drilline Products is pleased to announce the UK launch of the new Stream-C Compact Array GPR system. The product is the latest innovation from IDS specifically designed for accurate 3D utility mapping with its dense multi-channel array.

Stream-C features include:
• 34 antennas in two polarizations which enables the user to perform a single scan to detect and construct pipes in both directions
• Automatic pipe detection in real time
• Compact design idea for use in the footpath or small areas
• 3D Radar Tomography, real time with the assistance of GPS or Total Station
• The system ensures that the user can deliver a professional utility mapping service

Please contact our office to arrange a demonstration of the Stream-C system and its software

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New Appointment at Drilline

Drilline Products is pleased to welcome the appointment of Valter Baroncini to its management team. Valter has over 15 years’ experience working with IDS Georadar systems in their customer care department, which for the last few years has been their Customer Care Manager. Valter has taken the move, with his family, to come to the UK and is very focused and excited by the new challenge’s that lay ahead during the next few years.

This appointment will only enhance technical knowledge and expertise of Georadar within Drilline as well as raising again the commitment and support we can offer to our many loyal customers.

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MacLeod Simmonds invests in Stream-EM GPR System

MacLeod Simmonds, a leading UK based utility mapping company, have doubled their IDS Stream-EM capability with the purchase of the latest version through Drilline Products.

The Stream EM is a vehicle towed multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar solution dedicated to utility mapping. The system has been designed to enable the user to cover large survey areas, this is achievable because the system is operating with 40 separate channels, enabling the best quality results possible. The solution includes double polarized (VV and HH) antennas, this enables the Stream-EM to travel in a single direction but collect the data for both the longitudinal and transversal pipes detection. The system can obtain data up to a maximum speed of 15 Km/h.

Craig Simmonds, Managing Director at MacLeod Simmonds, first invested in the technology several years ago when he was involved in the development with the Italian manufacturer IDS. The latest version of the system has been successful with users throughout the world and is seen by IDS and Drilline as the future of GPR for utility mapping.

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MK Surveys takes delivery of a Hi-MOD GPR System

MK Surveys have continued their investment in IDS GPR systems with a purchase of a four antenna Hi-MOD mapping system and post-processing software. MK Surveys have previously purchased many of the award winning on-site Detector DUO GPR systems and built their utility surveying department up for many years with this product. With the increase in the market for more surveys to be mapped and the data post-processed MK Surveys decided to invest in the modular and versatile Hi-MOD system, which can be easily changed from a single through to a four antenna configuration. Stuart Dimond, Director at MK Surveys said ‘the IDS Hi-MOD system will not only complement our existing range of GPR systems but also improve our final deliverable as part of our commitment to quality and consistency within the PAS128 specification for utility surveys’

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Hi-MOD Delivery to Survey Design Services Ltd

Drilline have delivered a full four antenna version of the IDS Hi-MOD GPR mapping system to Survey Design Services Ltd based in Whitstable, Kent.  SDS Ltd has been a user of IDS GPR equipment for a few years and was already using the GRED post-processing software with data acquired using the Detector DUO, so the step-up to the Hi-MOD equipment, which is widely regarded as a professional mapping system, was an easy move for them.

The Hi-MOD is a versatile and modular GPR system that can be used in a single, twin, three or four antenna configuration to fit the project work being undertaken.

Picture shows Nolan Forwood, Director at Survey Design Services Ltd taking delivery of the system from Colin Tickle, MD of Drilline Products.

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Drilline on BBC Springwatch Programme

For many years now Drilline Products has supported the activities and the visions of the UKSTT, many leads that come into the Society are for project related ventures.  With this in mind I was a little surprised when I received a call from the Chair of the Membership Committee staying that the production editor from the BBC Springwatch programme had been in touch.  Apparently Chris Packham, honorary patron of the UKSTT, had contacted the Springwatch editor and requested that they try and use one of our trenchless technologies, ground penetrating radar, to locate and map badger tunnels and chambers during one of the episodes in this year’s schedule.


We immediately took up the challenge and decided to try out our new Opera DUO GPR system and put it through its paces. As the results were being broadcast on national television in front of around 10 million viewers, we decided to do a test run.  With the authority of the RSPB Minsmere head warden we turned up one lovely sunny morning to assess, plot out and finally map the area in which the badgers were located.  The surface ground was awful however the below surface was sand which is particularly favourable for GPR.  


Drilline together with the new IDS Opera DUO was invited to appear on the BBC Springwatch Programme.  Through an enquiry from the UKSTT and a personal invitation from the host presenter Chris Packham Drilline was asked to locate and map a set of badger tunnels and chambers at the RSPB Minsmere nature reserve in Suffolk.


After a hard day collecting data and filming with the BBC outside broadcast team, we returned with the raw data back to the office.  The confidence was high for some excellent results because the ground was predominantly sand although the actual surface was poor to acquire the data.  After running it through the IDS post-processing software we can up with some incredible results.  We located several tunnels that linked to sleeping/living chambers with one chamber located underneath another.


The BBC took our findings from the software and created a fantastic 3D rotation image of the subsurface which the badgers were living in.


Follow the link below to watch the episode on You Tube, starts around 4.30 mins into the clip:

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Drilline delivers the first IDS Opera DUO GPR in the world

MK Surveys is the first in the world to purchase a new and innovative ground penetrating radar system, the Opera DUO.

This new GPR system is designed and engineered for easier and faster collection of deep and shallow depth data, over all terrain. There is no need to perform calibrations or manual adjustments. It is an easy ‘click and go’ operation.  The duel encoder system allows the operator to cover ground without losing distance measurements. The system integrates with GPS and an intuitive interface gives the operator the ability to export data and generate professional survey reports whilst on site.

The initial acquisition of innovative GPR equipment as soon as it is released to the international market has enabled MK Surveys to steadily expand their utility services. Originally, the MK Surveys utility department included one surveyor and a single GPR unit, a strong contrast to the team of ten that make up the department today who operate a fleet of detector DUO GPR units daily. MK Surveys Director David Rust said “With insight and advice from Drilline Products we were able to respond quickly to the increased demand for underground surveys that started around seven years ago.”

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First Detector DUO into South Africa

Drilline Products are proud to announce that during November this year they have sold the first Detector DUO GPR system into South Africa.


Grounded Pty, a Horizontal Directional Drilling contractor, based in Cape Town needed to invest in GPR technology to avoid hitting utilities in the Eastern Cape city and the surrounding areas whilst they were carrying out their HDD projects, which mainly involve installation of expensive communications cables.


As Drilline was an existing supplier of drilling parts and tooling the management at Grounded Pty made some enquiries about GPR technology.  A few phone calls later and we were on our way to Cape Town to deliver the system and do some in depth training to the customers drilling crews.


Drilline hope that this will be the first of many GPR systems into South Africa for use within utility detection.

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