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Yearly Archives: 2015

MacLeod Simmonds invests in Stream-EM GPR System

MacLeod Simmonds, a leading UK based utility mapping company, have doubled their IDS Stream-EM capability with the purchase of the latest version through Drilline Products.

The Stream EM is a vehicle towed multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar solution dedicated to utility mapping. The system has been designed to enable the user to cover large survey areas, this is achievable because the system is operating with 40 separate channels, enabling the best quality results possible. The solution includes double polarized (VV and HH) antennas, this enables the Stream-EM to travel in a single direction but collect the data for both the longitudinal and transversal pipes detection. The system can obtain data up to a maximum speed of 15 Km/h.

Craig Simmonds, Managing Director at MacLeod Simmonds, first invested in the technology several years ago when he was involved in the development with the Italian manufacturer IDS. The latest version of the system has been successful with users throughout the world and is seen by IDS and Drilline as the future of GPR for utility mapping.

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MK Surveys takes delivery of a Hi-MOD GPR System

MK Surveys have continued their investment in IDS GPR systems with a purchase of a four antenna Hi-MOD mapping system and post-processing software. MK Surveys have previously purchased many of the award winning on-site Detector DUO GPR systems and built their utility surveying department up for many years with this product. With the increase in the market for more surveys to be mapped and the data post-processed MK Surveys decided to invest in the modular and versatile Hi-MOD system, which can be easily changed from a single through to a four antenna configuration. Stuart Dimond, Director at MK Surveys said ‘the IDS Hi-MOD system will not only complement our existing range of GPR systems but also improve our final deliverable as part of our commitment to quality and consistency within the PAS128 specification for utility surveys’

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