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Yearly Archives: 2016

The New Stream-C Compact Array GPR

Drilline Products is pleased to announce the UK launch of the new Stream-C Compact Array GPR system. The product is the latest innovation from IDS specifically designed for accurate 3D utility mapping with its dense multi-channel array.

Stream-C features include:
• 34 antennas in two polarizations which enables the user to perform a single scan to detect and construct pipes in both directions
• Automatic pipe detection in real time
• Compact design idea for use in the footpath or small areas
• 3D Radar Tomography, real time with the assistance of GPS or Total Station
• The system ensures that the user can deliver a professional utility mapping service

Please contact our office to arrange a demonstration of the Stream-C system and its software

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New Appointment at Drilline

Drilline Products is pleased to welcome the appointment of Valter Baroncini to its management team. Valter has over 15 years’ experience working with IDS Georadar systems in their customer care department, which for the last few years has been their Customer Care Manager. Valter has taken the move, with his family, to come to the UK and is very focused and excited by the new challenge’s that lay ahead during the next few years.

This appointment will only enhance technical knowledge and expertise of Georadar within Drilline as well as raising again the commitment and support we can offer to our many loyal customers.

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