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RIS Hi-Mod
Utility Detection
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Being the first company to introduce the array concept to GPR, IDS offers specific high-performance products for all those needing extensive underground utility mapping.

The RIS MF Hi-Mod systems has been specifically designed for utility mapping with multi frequency array solution offering great location accuracy and penetration depth with high levels of productivity. The system is designed to deliver a complete solution from field acquisition to the final output of CAD or GIS.

This product utilises the GRED HD Basic, GRED HD 3D & GRED HD 3D CAD software.


  • Consolidated complete procedure from field acquisition to the final output (maps on CAD or GIS);
  • Mechanical structure for all urban environments and terrains;
  • Automatic target recognition: automatic tools help the operator locate pipes and cables;
  • 2D & 3D tomography: optimized tomography for an immediate visualization of pipes and cables;
  • Multi-frequency data fusion: automatic fusion of data from 200 and 600 MHz antennas;
  • Automatic transfer to CAD/GIS: localized pipes and cables automatically transferred to CAD or GIS maps.