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The Stream-X is a vehicle towed ground radar system which introduces a new concept for extensive 3D mapping of buried structures and geological features.

The array covers a 2 meter wide swath with a single pass and through multiple passes will build up a complete coverage of the survey area which is position controlled through the dedicated navigation software. The Stream-X is the ideal solution for following applications.

This product utilises the GRED HD Basic, GRED HD 3D & GRED HD 3D CAD software.


  • Massive array of antennas: Stream X can be equipped with three different array configurations from 16 to 48 channels. Antenna spacing can be as little as 4 cm; three times better than other competitors.
  • Different frequencies (200 MHz or 600MHz): Stream X can be equipped with a 16 channel 200 MHz array in order to achieve the best penetration or with a 24 – 48 channel 600 MHz array to maximize resolution.
  • Mechanical frame: A solid mechanical frame which has been tested in several rough terrain conditions and harsh environments.
  • 3D tomography: The most defined underground 3D model currently available.