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Drill Rods
Only the very best quality drill rods are worth considering putting on your drill rig and for this reason we are able to supply forged or friction welded rods with most HDD thread to this specification and at an excellent price. The majority of our rods are manufactured in America by companies that have decades of experience in making and supporting a high quality product.
As every drilling company knows there is a vast selection of back-reamers on the market today. Drilline are able to offer an excellent range covering a large selection of sizes that are compatible with most manufacturers’ rigs and if we don’t have the one you want we can supply custom made reamers within a good timescale, just call for details.
Drilline supply the very best quality swivels that have been specifically designed for the Trenchless market. They are designed for extensive demanding use with high pressure drilling fluids for long life and value for money. They feature a multiple stage sealing system with single, double and triple taper bearings together with the security of high safety factors on both the bearings and main bodies. They are supplied standard with ‘Clevis’ type fittings but other types are available on request.
Towing Heads
We are authorised distributors for Brewis Direct and Pipe Equipment Specialists and are pleased to offer both their full and comprehensive range of towing heads, spares and associated equipment. All supplied towing heads are manufactured from high quality materials and are comprehensively tested to ensure they meet job suitability. Standard, Pressure Tight and Mud Tight towing heads are all supplied and most sizes are available from stock for next day delivery.
Transmitter Housings
Drilline Solutions are able to offer the highest quality transmitter housings for your drill rig in either side-load or end-load versions. These housing will accept any OEM transmitter, sonde or beacon and are available for use with most types of HDD drills on the market today.
Steering Blades
In today’s drilling construction environment only the best quality steering blades stand up to the task, for this reason Drilline offer a complete range of steering shoes and bits manufactured from the highest quality material. All styles are available in a good range of sizes to fit most rig types and their transmitter housings.
Starter Rods & Hex Collars
A full range of top quality starter bars and hexagonal collars are available for your tooling requirements, so whatever your rig type our products are high quality and totally designed to do the job. Most types are offered from stock.