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Pipeline Mapping
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The ABM-40 is a MEMS-gyroscope based mapping tool specifically developed for generating accurate As-Built maps of short duct segments. The standard ABM-40 has an outside diameter of just 36mm and is suitable for a pipe ID of 40mm (1.5"). Optionally, a spacer set is available to scale the unit incrementally up to pipes and ducts with an ID of maximum 75mm (3.0").

The ABM-40 is robust and easy to operate. Typically, an As-Built profile of a pipe segment can be generated in 30 minutes. Data processing requires mere minutes and output can be instantly viewed in most common GIS platforms.

Available components

  • ABM-40-100 - System for max 100m pipe length
  • ABM-40-200 - System for max 200m pipe length
  • ABM-40-CS Centralizer set 1.5"-3.0"