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Pipeline Mapping
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The ABM-80 is a MEMS-gyroscope based mapping tool specifically developed for generating accurate As-Built maps of short distance buried pipelines. The ABM-80 fits in pipes with an internal diameter of 80mm (3.5") and up.

The ABM-80 is very compact and easy to operate. Therefore, it is ideal for waste water, line drilling and other short pipeline segments. Typically, an As-Built profile of a pipe segment can be generated in 30 minutes. Data processing requires mere minutes and output can be instantly viewed in most common GIS platforms such as AutoCAD, ESRI and Microstation.

Available components

  • ABM-80-100 - System for max 100m pipe length
  • ABM-80-200 - System for max 200m pipe length
  • ABM-80-LWS - 100mm Diameter wheels set