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Pipeline Mapping
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The ABM-90 is a MEMS-gyroscope based mapping tool specifically developed for generating accurate As-Built maps of short duct segments. The ABM-90 has the same dimensions as its 'long-distance brother', the DR-4, so all centralizing and invert wheel sets, as well as the DRC-2 digital video camera are compatible.

By attaching a range of (optional) centralizing wheel sets the AMB-90 can map pipes with an internal diameter(ID) from 80mm up to 1500mm. In addition, a range of invert wheel sets are available to map storm and waste water pipes from an ID 150mm and up.


  • WU-7799CentralizersetforID77-135mm/3"-5.4"
  • WUS-0320CentralizersetforID90-500mm/3.5"-20"
  • WUS-2048CentralizersetforID500-1500mm/20"-48"
  • IWS-0612InvertsetforID150-300mm/6"-12"
  • IWS-1440InvertsetforID350-1000mm/14"-40"
  • DRC-2Digitalvideocamerasystem