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The GS-36 is a highly accurate and user-friendly borehole survey system that utilizes fiber optic gyroscope technology.

Its compact design and autonomous operation (no wire line tethering) make its handling easy and efficient. Due to the advanced nature of the gyroscopic system, surveys are not affected by electromagnetic noise and other influences from external sources. This technology gives the GS-36 the versatility to be used in most drilling environments.

Designed for operating in bore hole pipes with an ID ranging from 38mm to 100mm (flush or with pipe up-sets), the GS-36 is ideal for use in applications such as freeze holes, grouting, HDD and other civil engineering works with single point pipe access.

The user-friendly software enables fast processing of survey data. Standard output includes azimuth, inclination, bend radius, positional coordinates and project log information, as well as AutoCAD formatted script files, enabling instant transfer to most commonly used GIS platforms. A number of centralizers and spacers can be fitted to the GS-36 to enable it to pass through most drill pipes. Reduct is able to make bespoke changes to its products through an experienced and dedicated team of engineers to meet customer needs.

Key Operating Features

  • Compact design make for easy handling
  • Unaffected by magnetic influences
  • No lengthy calibration or roll test required prior to use
  • Adaptable fittings for bespoke survey situations
  • Water resistant up to 5 bar / 75 psi
  • Data output compatible with most software programs