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Drilline delivers the first IDS Opera DUO GPR in the world

MK Surveys is the first in the world to purchase a new and innovative ground penetrating radar system, the Opera DUO.

This new GPR system is designed and engineered for easier and faster collection of deep and shallow depth data, over all terrain. There is no need to perform calibrations or manual adjustments. It is an easy ‘click and go’ operation.  The duel encoder system allows the operator to cover ground without losing distance measurements. The system integrates with GPS and an intuitive interface gives the operator the ability to export data and generate professional survey reports whilst on site.

The initial acquisition of innovative GPR equipment as soon as it is released to the international market has enabled MK Surveys to steadily expand their utility services. Originally, the MK Surveys utility department included one surveyor and a single GPR unit, a strong contrast to the team of ten that make up the department today who operate a fleet of detector DUO GPR units daily. MK Surveys Director David Rust said “With insight and advice from Drilline Products we were able to respond quickly to the increased demand for underground surveys that started around seven years ago.”