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Stream Up
Utility Detection
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Stream UP is a multi-channel, multi-frequency, double-polarized and lightweight GPR system dedicated to utility mapping on extensive areas that facilitates the whole process (before, during and after data acquisition).

Stream UP is an innovative GPR system able to operate in urban environment without slowing down the traffic (up to 150 km/h, with a suggested acquisition speed of 60 km/h). The system can be carried even on the same vehicle used for the acquisition thanks to its compactness that increases its transportability.

Easy to assemble directly on site, needing only 2 people for transportation and assembly and just one person to make it to make it operational, the new GPR dramatically reduces the stress and consequently maintenance thanks to the total absence of contact with the ground.

Stream UP doesn’t require bulky vehicles and special permissions to be used on road.


The system is easily stackable and can be carried even on the acquisition vehicle thanks to its compactness that increase its transportability. Stream UP is easy to assemble and can be moved to the survey location without any speed limit (only 2 people needed for transportation, assembly and just one person to make it operational).

Easier than ever to assemble and to transport!

Innovative in Data Processing

With IQMaps starting from the raw data to a georeferenced model the processing time has been reduced more than 4 times (thanks to real time processing). Immersive reality during post-processing phase will let you discover a sea change in terms of data visualization speed and usability and data analysis!


Benefits of Stream UP include:

  • Light shell - for an improved ease of transportation;
  • Modular structure: for an enhanced assembly process with no more than 2 people needed;
  • High data quality: thanks to new Control Unit eDAD-S, dense array antennas and dynamic stacking, data quality has been maintained excellent even at high speed;
  • Approved by traffic regulations: just mount and go, without time waste and escort vehicle;
  • Embedded anti-collision systems: to make safer the innovative suspended modular frame;
  • Remote Radar Control: no inconvenience in driving; the only interface is uMap, the new acquisition software for unlimited data size management