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Underground contractors and municipalities around the world are using HammerHead® static pipe bursting equipment as an effective method to replace existing water, gas and sewer lines.

Pipe bursting follows the path of the existing utilities, reducing utility strike risks and eliminating up to 85 percent of excavation work compared to open-cut methods. HammerHead leads the industry with proven technology and features designed to increase productivity.

  • Extensive product line
    HammerHead offers five static busting systems ranging from 38 to 175 tons (34.5 to 157 tonnes) capable of replacing lines ranging from 2" (50 mm) to 24" (600mm).

  • Rod design
    Heat-treated alloy rods are the lightest and most cost-effective in the industry.

  • Tooling
    HammerHead offers a wide range of tooling to meet your project requirements and engineers on staff can design specialized tooling to meet your needs.

  • High production
    Simple controls, on-board rod baskets and fast rod payouts allow for one-man operation.

  • Hydraulic stabilizers
    HammerHead offers hydraulic stabilizers on our 100 ton (89 tonnes) and larger static-bursting machines to help keep the machine on grade during the burst.

  • Proven rod design
    Our API-style joints won’t buckle in encrusted or collapsed pipes compared to loose joint rod designs.

  • Accessories
    HammerHead offers an extensive line of tooling for various types of pipe replacement projects. Ductile slitters are available to replace non-fracturable pipes such as ductile and steel. HammerHead is able to custom-build tooling to meet your exact needs.

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