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HydroGuide Winches
Rock Drilling
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HydroGuide® winches are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize setup time and effort for pipe-bursting, slip-lining, pipe-pulling, cable-pulling and swage-lining projects.

HammerHead offers three models featuring 5.5 ton (5.0 tonnes), 12 tons (11 tonnes) and 20 tons (19 tonnes) of pulling power to handle a wide range of jobs from 1" to 30" (152 mm to 762 mm) in diameter.

Simple setup
Setup and tear-down can be performed in minutes, not hours. A hydraulic self-deploying downrigger simplifies setup and eliminates carrying large and heavy components down-hole, and our onboard storage of the downrigger mast and sheave assembly reduces the need for additional support vehicles.

Planetary drive
The dual capstan and planetary drive is proven to withstand high load ratings and improves torque transmission. This feature offers constant pulling force over the entire pull length and helps reduce cable wear.

Easy operation
Remote control and a powerful down-hole light put the operator in better control of the burst process.

Designed specifically for the trenchless industry, HydroGuide winches can perform pipe-bursting, slip-lining, swage-lining, and cable- and pipe-pulling projects.


  • High Performance Engines
  • Simple, easily accessible controls
  • Emergency stop function
  • Dead man’s handle
  • Level winding system
  • Heavy duty twin capstans
  • Load set and data logging
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Full EU approved brake and hitch
  • Low noise emissions
  • LED duel voltage lighting
  • Variable speed
  • Fully enclosed