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Radiodetection iTrack
Rock Drilling
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Keeping the directional bore on track, on time and within budget is essential criteria for the trenchless industry.

The Radiodetection iTrack System has been developed with this as the main priority. Providing essential information automatically makes the equipment very easy to use and allows the operator to work with confidence.

The system is an easy-to-use device designed to provide accurate walkover guidance information for horizontal boring machines. The iTrack DataSondes are designed ot locate over 50ft in depth and over 100ft in depth with the added Wireline Adaptor Unit.

The receiver is packaged with BoreLog software for an accurate and complete profile of the directional drilling job undertaken. Easily download the stored data into your Windows based PC for review through the Borelog software.

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The iTrack DataView with remote steering information enables the drilling machine operator to steer the drill head Left/Right towards the DrillTrack receiver and then past the receiver. A row of nine LEDs provides the Left/Right steering information. Attached by a magnetic mount to the directional drilling machine, the LCD provides the drilling machine operator with all the relevant data including pitch inclination, roll position, depth, and DataSonde operating and alarm conditions. All data from the DataSonde to the DrillTrack receiver and to the DrillTrack DataView is transmitted in real time.


Housed in the drill head, the DataSondes emit a locate signal and transmit information about their position and status.