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Drilline Solutions are an authorised distributor for Radiodetection and are able to offer their complete range of location systems and products both for HDD and pipe and cable location.

The new RD8000™ and RD7000™ range of location products are the latest improved performance systems that have developed from the industry standard RD4000™.

Locating specific pipes and cables in large underground networks is becoming increasingly complex. Ground distortion effects, caused by differing soil types and proximity to other conductors, make the operator’s job more difficult and time-consuming. The most important requirements for a locator under these circumstances are ease of use, accuracy and reliability. Radiodetection’s RD7000 Utility Locator addresses this need with several groundbreaking features that deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements.

The RD8000PDL and PXL are powerful successors to the industry standard RD4000PDL and PXL pipe and cable locators. The RD8000 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet remains a cost-effective solution for any application delivering unique user features. Designed with the latest, patented digital firmware, RD8000 delivers a highly controllable and reliable locate solution to service any industry, anywhere in the world.

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Selected Product Features Include:


  • Power, Radio, CATV and CPS passive modes
  • 50Hz to 200kHz active frequency bandwidth
  • Single antenna Mode
  • Peak Mode
  • Null Mode
  • TruDepth™
  • Current measurement
  • Real sound